Rain Gutter and Leaf Protection

Rock Lane Construction, LLC offers rain gutter and leaf guard for all types of buildings.

We use the Alcoa® 0.32 thickness gutter coil which we form with our own machine. We specialize in 5 inch gutter, but 6 inch is also available. Downspout accessories are 0.19 thickness. We have many colors to choose from and currently stock white, almond, and dark bronze metal colors.

For gutter protection we offer the REAL® Gutter Cover by Raytec Manufacturing. It has a low profile and fits directly on top of our rain gutters. This helps to prevent splash over and foundation problems due to clogged gutters and downspouts. It also deters bees, wasps, and other pests that can get into rain gutters.

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Addition to an Existing Home

Rock Lane Construction, LLC built this addition to an existing home.

Its exterior includes new siding, new windows, new doors, new shingles on the roof, and a chimney among many other exterior improvements. The original house also had exterior improvements made to match the new addition.

The interior of the home included a wood ceiling and end wall, a fireplace and stone hearth, window and door trim, drywall, recessed lighting, a ceiling fan, and more.

Also under the new addition is a crawl space for access to the heat system.